Robotics Caucus
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Upcoming Event:  TBD


Previous Events:


CONNECTED & AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: Incorporating AVs into our Transportation Infrastructure

October 2017



MARKING 5 YEARS of the National Robotics Initiative

(2011 White House Press Release)

June 2016




A joint event of the Congressional Robotics Caucus &
the Congressional Inventions Caucus

November 2015



Of Interest:


Bloomberg 30 Oct 2017: The PayPal Mafia of Self-Driving Cars Has Been at It a Decade



Ingredients for a Successful, Innovative Economy: Voice of America report on the November 2015 event: (English)(Chinese)


Roadbot Fixes Highway Cracks In Milliseconds
Nat'l Public Radio (Feb. 2015)


Robot Trading Cards - Check out an All-Star Robot Lineup in Georgia Tech's Robotics & Intelligent Machines (RIM) Center.  Just click here to see and download a set of 14 trading cards featuring some of their most talented and productive players. The cards contain info on the coaches, stats, and fun facts for the robot team.

If you would like more information about the advisory committee, please contact Erica Wissolik at (202) 530-8437, or Debbie Tekavec at (202) 547-8515.


Last Updated:  01 November 2017

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